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Let the futon take the weight of your body...
...and breathe


In a fast paced world, Shiatsu can provide an opportunity to let go of the expectations and the pressures of life. Receiving Shiatsu can help to connect us with the deeper sensations of the body and experience physical, emotional and energetic shifts that can bring about healing on all levels.

Although I've been giving Shiatsu for over 15 years, I still struggle to describe Shiatsu in a way that sounds enticing or even accurate. I feel bound to talk about its roots in Japan, acupoints, acupuncture without needles, theoretical background embedded in Traditional Chinese Medicine, thumb/finger/palm/elbow/knee pressure, joint manipulation, stretching, meridians. It is all those things, but somehow when I describe it in those terms, I seem to miss the essence of what is so deeply nourishing about Shiatsu. As a receiver, you don't need to know about the theory and the background, for me the magic of Shiatsu is that it facilitates connection with the deeper aspects of our being that are often obscured by stress, busy lives, trauma, injury and ill health. Most people experience a profound sense of relaxation and release during a session, the nervous system in soothed and in this place of openness and connection we can allow necessary changes to take place.

As a practitioner I have studied at length to enable me to make an appropriate diagnosis of imbalances that will be addressed during your treatment. I will use my knowledge of the meridian system and acupoints and physical techniques to help to guide all aspects of your being towards balance. Sometimes treatments are strong and active, sometime there is more holding and stillness. It is my job to meet you in a place which will most effectively unlock your bodies natural healing potential.

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